Break Out Plus 1.10

Break Out Plus 1.10: Knowledge and Judgment Scoring for student development. Knowledge and Judgment Scoring trains students to learn and report what they know using higher levels of thinking. Break out of the old habit of only counting the right marks on multiple-choice tests. Promote quantity and quality. A score and question difficulty matrix provides detailed information for student counseling. A tally analysis labels questions as Expected, Student Discriminating, Guessing, and Misconception.

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KnowledgeBASE Vortex 2.9

KnowledgeBASE ever made were all to IT managers. Since then, KnowledgeBASE has found a niche market with IT professionals of all description - developers, managers, support specialists, contractors - anyone who has no choice but to keep on top of an avalanche of information. The heart of KnowledgeBASE is a highly searchable and expandable information tree, viewed in outline or audited within a built-in wordprocessor. References to web sites, corporate

project, knowledge, information, retrieval, database, consolidation, management, organization

Adventnet ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 7.5: Complete Help Desk & Asset Mgmt software with SLA & purchase mgmt. ITIL ready
Adventnet ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 7.5

knowledging requester, technician notification and handling of SLA rules. It includes a Solutions module that allows you to document best practices and solutions to common problems in an online knowledge base. ServiceDesk Plus offers accurate inventory tracking functionality across Windows and Linux workstations. It can also track software licenses and let you know the number of over-utilized or under-utilized licenses across your organization. ServiceDesk

purchase order management, sla management, itil, knowledge base, contract management, help desk, service desk, trouble ticketing, helpdesk software, inventory management, asset management, itil help desk

Space Searcher 1.7: Find out how much garbage you store on HDD and save money on the next upgrade!
Space Searcher 1.7

The technology evolution brings new demands and a `massive 20Gb HDD` we`ve bought only a couple of years ago seems really tiny today. We get completely lost in all those files without ever knowing which of them are actually important and worth keeping and which are not. Space Searcher allows you visually manage your hard disk space by letting you know which files and folders take too much space on your hard drive. Save your money on HDD upgrades!

disk, file, directory, folder, size, drive, waste space, free drive space, space, folder size, manager, temp files, report

Flash Menu Factory 2.0: Flash Menu Factory can create stylish flash menus for your website.
Flash Menu Factory 2.0

Flash Menu Factory is a new software application that allows you to create stylish and impressive navigation for your website. Flash Menu Factory requires zero Flash knowledge. Creating a flash menu is a matter of defining your text and the corresponding links, the rest is job of FMF. Flash Menu Factory comes bundled with 106 high quality menu designs. With so many menus the only problem is deciding which one to use!

web menu, bars, menus, flash menu, easy animations, web site navigation, dropdown, drop down menu, animation, javascript menu, downloads, menu, navigation bar

Norton Personal Firewall 2004: Norton Personal Firewall 2004 keeps hackers out and personal data in.
Norton Personal Firewall 2004

Symantec’s Norton Personal Firewall 2004 keeps hackers out and personal data in. It makes robust firewall protection easy by automatically hiding your PC on the Internet and blocking suspicious connections. This award-winning software also prevents confidential information from being sent out without your knowledge.

blocks, knowledge, defense, application, suspicious, data, spying, robust, hack, personal, privacy, malicious, confidential

Code Library for .NET 14.5.3037: An All-In-One information, knowledge, and document management system.
Code Library for .NET 14.5.3037

fishCode Library .NET is an All-In-One information, knowledge, and document management system that allow you to organize Note, Code, File, Image, Web and URL into an easy-to-use outline format.

codelib, information, personal, management, knowledge manager

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